Hi there, welcome to my first ever blog post!

As I get better at writing, these blogs will sound better. So thanks for sticking with me. :)


My name is Anna Joy Jorgenson owner and makeup artist at Anna Joy Makeup!

I live in Northeast Minneapolis with my Husband and two fur babies; Reese and Rilee.

I have always loved makeup ever since I was a little girl. I remember when I found this bright blue eye shadow and put it all over my eyelids, I looked like a 12 year old clown. My mom did not let me leave the house looking like that, bless her soul. I'm a self taught makeup artist which means I didn't get any "formal" training. (Which there is no actual certification in MN) I watched a LOT of YouTube videos, bought a lot of different products and sat in front of my vanity for hours playing with different looks.

The purpose of this blog is I want a place where I can write down my thoughts and reviews on products I have tried and loved and products that fell short. And you may be thinking, Anna why not just start a YouTube channel like all the other beauty reviews? Well, editing, filming, and all that jazz is a ALOT of work and I don't have all the proper equipment yet. One day, maybe! ;)

For now, this will work and I hope you take something away from my rambling.

Stay tuned to my first ever "review" on the new Kylie Kyshadow Holiday Eye shadow palette.


Anna Joy

#makeup #makeupartist #review #minneapolis #kyliejenner #holiday #youtube

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