False Lashes 101

For today's blog post I wanted to talk all things lashes. Now, with my pricing I include false lashes for the bride in her wedding day package because LASHES ARE EVERYTHING for your wedding day!

Here are some benefits:

1) They add so much more drama to any eye look, smokey eye, full glam, or natural.

2) They make your eyes POP in pictures.

3) It's your wedding day, you only get one of these in your lifetime, go big or go home!!

I do get a lot of questions like "well my eyelashes are already pretty long"...they may be really long but false lashes give you the volume, color, and fullness that just mascara can't do! And if I saw that you had super long lashes, I would instead use individual lashes that just enhance and fill in some spots that may be less full.

Now I know these days there are such things as eyelash extensions, personally I am not a fan for myself but if you don't have eyelash extensions you need to wear false lashes!

I LOVE these shots of lashes that photographers get, look how much DRAMA they add!

Some of my favorite lashes I use and favorite lash glue! *HOLY GRAIL*

So trust your makeup artist to pick the perfect lashes for you and your eye shape! :)

Thanks for reading!

Photography: Alexa Aretz Photography

Makeup: Anna Joy Makeup



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